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We put the power in YOUR hands. Control 95% of your site content live-time 24/7 from anywhere in the world with our completely-custom, fully-dynamic Content Management System. No more waiting for your 'web guy' to make changes!

IAP specializes in artist, band, performer website development. Our commercial affiliate has been specializing in building and hosting corporate websites for some of the biggest national and international corporations around the globe for more than two decades. Quite simply, THIS IS WHAT WE DO BEST! At IAP, we have the distinct advantage of being able to deliver the same big-dollar technologies at a greatly discounted rate for just for performing artists.

Undoubtedly the very core of your marketing efforts, a professional artist website does more to establish the performer's identity than any other single media. A bad one can demolish any other efforts that you attempt... in seconds. It's the information age and everyone goes to the web for their information quickly. If they don't like what they see, they don't bother looking further.

  • Streaming Flash MP3 players
  • Flash integrated design
  • Spam-safe Contact form
  • Spam-safe Email List sign-up form
  • Search Engine Optimization and submission
  • Electronic Online Press Kits
  • Bulk email list server
  • Database Driven Content Control
  • Completely custom modules tailored to your needs! 
  • Remote Content Management System. You control content 24/7 live-time from anywhere on earth with secure internet login.
  • and much more...

Our websites easily compete with and beat sites that major record labels build for their artists! Our Premium Tour Schedule module alone is - by far - the most dynamic, interative and comprehensive feature-packed schedule you'll find anywhere! Every site is 100% customized to look good and run on rocket feul! No damn cookie cutter cheesy templates here and definitely no boring html pages that never change.

When we start an artist project, we make sure that we have their music on hand first. Our team prides itself in listening to the artist's music while we work to make sure that the look fits the sound.

So why don't we build sites completely in Flash or with cool Flash entry Splash pages like some others do? Simple. Although we are certainly more than capable of doing so, we choose not to because those sites are nearly invisible to search engines. In addition to developing websites, we are also registered Search Engine Optimization specialists and we take care to see that the people searching for you, your music or anything related to it find you! Isn't that what you're looking for? In fact, maybe that's how you found us.

IAP can build the perfect website for your identity. Every website will look clean, and professional and will give your identity the polish that it needs without compromising the attitude or feel that you promote. Do NOT settle for cookie-cutter cheap websites from templates that others are selling and that contain no dynamic control. We can provide completely customized sites built from the ground up around you and your music that you maintain. No knowledge of web design is needed whatsoever. Our programming puts the power in your hands easily.

Whether you're an accomplished band touring regionally or a solo performer playing in coffee houses, your website is the main building block of your image. Let IAP build the website that you need to move you up to the next level in your career.

All websites are hosted on our own in-house secure servers powered on T1 lines and maintained 24/7 by our expert IT staff.

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